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لا صوت؟ انقر فوق رمز الصوت الأحمر في أسفل يسار شاشة الفيديو
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دلتا إيرلاينز تفتتح مكتبها في نيروبي

قبل البدء المتوقع لرحلاتهم ، والمتوقع الآن في أوائل عام 2009 ، افتتحت دلتا إيرلاينز الآن مكاتب في نيروبي.

طباعة ودية، بدف والبريد الإلكتروني

Ahead of the expected start of their flights, now expected in early 2009, Delta Airlines has now opened offices in Nairobi. The move is expected to allow for cultivating ties with the business community and the travel agents in order to generate enough bookings, once the flights commence. Only recently did Kenya and the US sign a new bilateral open skies air services agreement, which caters for flights between the two countries by designated carrier. Presently, this will be Delta and, of course, Kenya Airways from the Kenyan side, once they have received more of their ordered Boeing aircraft to serve such a route.

The office in Kenya will also oversee the neighboring markets of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia for the time being, with connecting flights offered by Kenya Airways. Both Delta and KQ are members of Sky Team and are expected to cooperate closely in developing traffic for passengers and cargo on the planned route.

Flights were initially due to commence much earlier, but the post-election violence following the disputed elections in Kenya threw the timetable into disarray. Subsequently, even a late 2008 start was pushed further into 2009 to allow the market to stabilize first. Delta is said to be planning 4 flights a week via Dakar in Senegal, and there is some anticipation that Kenya Airways may eventually, under a code share, offer the additional three flights to make for daily direct connections between the US and Kenya.

ستستفيد السياحة والتجارة على حد سواء لأنها ستسمح بوصول أسرع للسائحين الأمريكيين إلى حدائق الألعاب في شرق إفريقيا مع تسهيل قدرة رفع البضائع للصادرات من شرق إفريقيا إلى الولايات المتحدة دون الحاجة إلى المرور عبر أوروبا.

طباعة ودية، بدف والبريد الإلكتروني

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